About Jamie

Hello. Thanks for coming.

I am a DPhil student in Modern Theology at the University of Oxford working on a project involving Rowan Williams, John Milbank and David Bentley Hart. I live at Ripon College Cuddesdon, where I am training to become ordained in the Church of England. I am married and I have two very small children.

I like reading lots of stuff, but I’m generally always reading some sort of theology, philosophy and fiction. Of the latter, I read various writers and genres, but this year I’ve been focussing a lot on Dostoyevsky. I also indulged in a lot of Michelle Houellebecq recently, if you like that sort of thing…

I watch football in my spare time. I am English and a Spurs fan, so you can probably tell how much fun it is for me.

This is just some of my writing to share with you, the unknown browser.


2 thoughts on “About Jamie

  1. With a beard like that, I thought you might be Orthodox.

    I would be delighted if you explored, commented on and followed my blog, as I have been following yours, and intend to explore it a little more and to comment on it once I have composed my thoughts.

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