Further Investigation…

The idea of this page is to provide my readers with some further resources beyond this blog. I am passionate about the theological education of Christians because I believe that the Holy Spirit has been at work in the Church for the past two thousand years and I believe that it is extremely spiritually beneficial to engage with this tradition in some way. Too often, Christians only read books that come directly from their own tradition which tend to be repetitive, partisan and of very little value. My challenge to those Christians is to branch out and discover the wonderful things that the Holy Spirit has inspired in other parts of the Church.

Christian Theology: An Introduction Alistair McGrath

I remember sitting in Starbucks, reading this book for the first time and coming across the concept of tradition. It changed everything for me. In general, this is an excellent introduction to the historical and doctrinal concepts at issue in Christian Theology. Highly recommended as a first book on real theology.

The Story of Christianity – David Bentley Hart
David Bentley Hart is hands down my favorite living writer, and this is an excellent and accessible, one-book, ecumenical history of the Christian Church. It is the perfect introduction to Church history. I have reread this book every year for a while and it richly repays my returning to it.

A History of Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years – Diarmaid MacCulloch 
This is a more challenging history of Christianity, at somewhere around a thousand pages, but for readers looking for more detail than Hart’s book provides, this is where to go. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to read a thousand-page book, why not buy MacCulloch’s excellently presented television show of the same name. This way you can begin to share the story of the Church with all the family in an easily accessible way.

Communio Sanctorum – Lance Ralston
This website will link you to Lance Ralston’s excellent podcast on church history. Although I don’t find myself in agreement with Lance’s conclusions much of the time, it is a podcast of the highest quality and listenability. 

Escaping Fundamentalism – James Barr
James Barr was Regius Professor of the Old Testament at Oxford when he wrote this book in the early eighties. It is out of print but easily available on Amazon and elsewhere. It is a thoroughly tactful, masterful and excoriating critique of fundamentalism with helpful and pastoral suggestions for successfully escaping with your faith in tact. Get hold of a copy if you can.